Grateful to the friendship of old fellows Leonid Karatygin and Andrey Bobrovskiy the owner of clinics and author of method Doctor Bormental fulfilled global social project. In close cooperation with the biggest Russian channel NTV. Mainly with the project "I am loosing weight"on NTV, one of the heroine Tatyana Belous was invited to the contest as a special model of XXXL size.

Tatyana participated with the number 31 in Talent show, where she sang a very touching song, had also defile in National costume and evening dress. She got sash "Queen of Press" and a memorable cup from directors of contest.

The most important is that Tatyana got a priceless experience in defile, style and beauty. It surely will help her to lose kilograms (already -25) and to get harmony, happiness and success.

All these days the team of NTV made special film at hotel Alva Donna Belek.Thats why we invite you to see special edition of "I am loosing weight" on NTV about our contest, with Andrey Bobrovskiy and Leonid Karatygin. You can see it on 31 of October.

The Queen of Eurasia - 2015