By tradition, one of the highlights of the Eurasia plus forum was the Red Hot Party in honor of the birthday of the founder of the Forum and the permanent President of the EURASIA STARS Empire, - Leonid Karatygin.
November 9 is, in principle, the Red day of the calendar for all fashionable, bright and eager for success beauties, but this time it also turned out to be the last on the eve of the main Final of The Queen of Eurasia - 2018, and therefore the contestants did their best in gifts, warm Words, beautiful talented numbers, bright emotions!
Holiday flowed like a waterfall and firework!
Some partners and participants also turned out to be prepared for an important event, respecting the birthday party with a collection of elite drinks and age-care products, which raised their level of solidity and friendship with a human orchestra!
Special gifts on this day were, of course, two bright symbols:
- The Order of Eurasia, on behalf of EECO, was presented personally in the morning by General Secretary V.V. Piskurev
- and in the evening, fashion designer Zaza Amarov gave a gift from Zhanna Chernyakova (company #imageall) - a luxurious exclusive crown
So in one day - Awarded and Crowned)))
The Crowned Order bearer is now officially with us Leonid Karatygin! Vivat!


The Queen of Eurasia - 2018