In November, the next International Forum “EURASIA Plus” took place in Antalya on the basis of the luxurious luxury hotel Calista Luxury Resort, organized and held under the patronage of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization (EEU), the President of the Forum, founder and owner of Eurasia Stars Empire LEONID KARATYGIN.
The main topics of the Forum in Antalya have become fashionable nowadays the development of the business community: networking, smart communications, it-marketing.
The guests and participants of the Forum were the owners of large companies and brands from various business fields (tourism, medicine, cars and toys, aesthetics of beauty and fashion, blockchain technologies and newest products) from several countries and regions of Eurasia, representatives of the Turkish establishment and media, managers and producers, fashion bloggers, designers and social media stars...
A bright distinctive feature of the Forum from other similar ones in the world: an integral part of the international competition of beauty The Queen of Eurasia, founded in 2015, is an integral part of it and at the same time elegant entertainment and creative content! In November, the competition was held for the 4th time and 30 beautiful girls and women became its participants (the competition is held in 2 age leagues) from 20 countries and regions of Eurasia! It is precisely in connection with the organizational specifics and the idea of the competition that in the last two years the beauties who are successful in life, in their own business or self-development are invited to participate in it — that is why contestants simultaneously become active participants in the Forum and its business processes!


The Queen of Eurasia - 2018