For the first time in the history of the World, the participants of the International Beauty Contest took part in the global business forum in the field of Tourism! From 5 to 7 November in Antalya in the same hotel was the International solemn ceremony on the establishment of the global forum "GLOBAL TOURISM.WORLD". The founders of this unique event are such world-renowned organizations as the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization (EOES), the Eurasia Council for Culture, Science and Education, the International Council for Amateur Sports (ICAS), the Hoteliers Federation of Turkey (TÜROFED). The Forum was organized and conducted by the EURASIA STARS CORP team. under the leadership of Leonid Karatygin!
Unforgettable emotions and impressions will be shared for a long time by all those who were lucky enough to take part in this colorful event, saturated with colorful events!
Travel, corporate events, business, medical and health-improving tourism is an integral part of a person's life, connected with the realization of his right to rest and leisure, freedom of movement, the right to access to cultural values, as well as other universally recognized human and citizen rights and freedoms.
According to the results of reports of representatives and sessions of the World Forum, the world history of history was filled with the following historically important pages:
1. It was decided to hold the First World Games of Sports Lovers under the auspices of ICAS
2. The First Foundation Festival-Contest WORLD FOLK.VISION was held with participation of more than 15 countries and regions of Eurasia
3. The Global Contest of Beauty and Talent "The QUEEN of EURASIA-2017" was held, at which QUEEN of TOURISM EURASIA (Altai-Russia) was elected for the first time, which will now be the face of ETO (Eurasian Tourism Organization) during 2018 in all events of the organization
4. 20 people from different countries are appointed Ambassadors of Goodwill of Tourism of Eurasia!
5. International non-governmental documents were signed at the forum site:
- the Convention on Cooperation in Eurasia in the field of tourism and travel, which now bears the Historical name - "Antalya Convention of Tourism of Eurasia". Signatories were representatives of 30 countries, republics, regions of Eurasia;
- the Convention on Cooperation in Eurasia in the sphere of development of the insurance market;
- Convention on Cooperation in Eurasia in the field of digital economy and innovative technologies.
6. Within the framework of the Convention, the formation of the Higher Eurasian Cooperation Bodies took place:
- The Council of Eurasia in the field of tourism and travel;
- The Eurasia Council on Digital Economy and Innovative Technologies.
7. A solemn ceremony of joining the international sports community from various countries to the World Charter of Amateur Sports (the Rome Charter) took place. The signing ceremony was held under the patronage of the World Council of Amateur Sports (ICAS).
8. There was a ceremony of joining the Rome Convention on Cooperation in Eurasia on culture, science and education.
9. The first historical medals "Ruby Star" were handed to various public figures and representatives of business.
10. Based on the results of a comprehensive security audit, the Royal Seginus hotel received a security certificate from the Eurasian Tourist Organization.
Special gratitude for the help in the translation into English of the newly elected QUEEN of TOURISM Eurasia YANE FILIPPOVA from Barnaul (Altay, Russia) and for the excellent photos - Dmitry Karpushev (Tomsk).


The Queen of Eurasia - 2017