World Festival-Contest of National Cultures and Art WORLD FOLK.VISION was established on August 3, 2017 by the Council of Eurasia on Culture, Science and Education, within the framework of the implementation of the provisions of the Rome Convention on Cooperation in Eurasia on Culture, Science and Education.
WORLD FOLK.VISION - conglomerate of the International specialized competitions-festivals of national cultures and arts, conducted under a single Worldwide international brand.
The First Historical International Competition of Music Performing Excellence in the framework of the World Festival-Contest of National Cultures and Art WORLD FOLK.VISION was held in Antalya on days and on the same stage with the beauty contest The QUEEN of EURASIA-2017!
Based on the results of regional and national selections (castings) to participate in the First Final of the WORLD FOLK World Contest. Representatives of the following countries and Eurasia Regions were admitted to Antalya: HUNGARY, BELGIUM, YAKUTIA (Russia), FRANCE, ALTAI (Russia), TURKEY, ISRAEL, LUXEMBOURG, POVOLZHIE (Russia), BELARUS, UDMURTIA (Russia), UKRAINE!
The final was held in two stages and was full of vivid emotions, performing drive and incredible support by numerous spectators, many of whom specially flew from different countries to Antalya for the sake of World Folk.Vision: to witness uncompromising struggle for the 4 main Cups of the first historical winners of the new World Festival- Competition!

As a result, World Folk.Vision winners in Antalya are recognized as:
Fikret Sahin (TURKEY) — The Best Male Voice
Yana Philipova (ALTAY) — The Best Female Voice
German Orlov (ISRAEL) — The Best Show Artist
Alexander Yasen (YAKUTIA) — The Best Ethnics Artist

All (!) Other participants received memorable Diplomas of Laureates and many - an invitation to participate with the new improved program in the Grand Final in Antalya, May 2018!


The Queen of Eurasia - 2017