By the tradition of beauty and talent contests from EURASIA STARS Corporation one of the most memorable events was the presentation by participants of their national souvenirs to the jury members and special guests of The Queen of Eurasia-2017.
And among them at this time was a lot of influential and even rich people from the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization, headed by the President of the Presidium of the EECO billionaire Igor Rybakov! Excellent chances for a weighty auction were correctly used by the President of Eurasia Stars Corp. Leonid Karatygin: the main lot was the most interesting souvenir from the USA: Sofya Salah brought from the distant San Francisco a real Indian bow with arrows. But Igor Rybakov and not even the General Secretary of the EECO Vladimir Piskurev, and one of the ICAS representatives Mr. Vladimir Spivak, were in the top ten (for a decent, tidy sum!)! The winner of the auction has acquired not only a beautiful product of American weapons masters, but also honor and glory from all participants of the Antalya stage of the Forum "GLOBAL TOURISM".


The Queen of Eurasia - 2017